If you or a family member was injured on duty (IOD) or contracted an occupational disease and you:

  • are owed a salary refund, or
  • you do not know if you qualify for a permanent disability or a lifelong pension payout, or
  • you have paid for medical expenses out of your own pocket and want to recover them, or
  • want to re-open a claim

we might be able to help you.

Our record shows that employees sometimes wait longer than two years for salary refunds, permanent disability and pension payments from the Compensation Commissioner, FEMA or Rand Mutual.

Fatal incidents and re-opening of claims is a procedural minefield. The paper chase is endless, frustrating and energy sapping.

If you’ve been injured on duty, you probably aren’t equipped to deal with the workers compensation (WCA) claims procedure that follows. In addition to this, you probably don’t have the time or the specific knowledge required to go through this complex process on your own in an efficient manner.

We take care of the paper chase and interact with the doctors, hospitals and the Commissioner in finalising your claim. We ensure that all documents are properly completed and submitted to the Commissioner by hand. When payment is made, we ensure that you are not short paid.

On your behalf we will:

  • Ensure that your claim is properly registered and claim numbers issued
  • Get your claim accepted if necessary
  • Get outstanding documents and requirements from employers and medical practitioners
  • Ensure that documents are correctly completed (even doctors sometimes makes mistakes and employees do not spot these and find it difficult to interact with medical professionals)
  • Submit documents
  • Verify banking details with the Commissioner
  • Ensure that payment is correct once it is made
  • Recover medical expenses from the Commissioner
  • Facilitate the re-opening of cases
  • Assist with the quick finalisation of fatal claims, ensuring the dependents receive their pension on time

Why not let COID Support take care of everything while you concentrate on a speedy recovery?

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