Account Services

Account management includes (but is far from limited to):

  • Review of your COID account with the Compensation Commissioner to avoid payment of excessive annual premiums;
  • Timely rendering of the complicated annual returns required by the Compensation Commissioner, and ensuring that you have not over- or understated your return of earnings;
  • Reconciliation of the assessment with your annual return;
  • Recovery of any moneys historically due to you;
  • Obtaining of Letters of Good Standing;
  • Assistance to clients who are registering for the first time – to ensure correct association with the Commissioner right from the start.

But what is it going to cost?

For recoveries of past premiums overpaid, our service will cost you nothing.

That is correct – Nothing!

All we need from you is a Power of Attorney and a Resolution. We will then be able to take up your case with the Commissioner’s office.

No result – no fee!

If we are able to recover past premiums, we’ll take a percentage of the savings. We share in the savings once only – all future savings are therefore for your own pocket. In effect, thus, we generate our own fee. Your company thus need not budget for our recovery services.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the value-for-money represented by our tariff structure. You’ll appreciate our expertise in guiding you towards payment of the lowest premiums possible and the efficiency with which we operate. Your human resources, risk management, financial/accounts and health and safety personnel will be relieved of the onerous tasks involved.

Sounds interesting – but for how long are we locked into a contract?

We are so confident of the success of our service, that if you are not satisfied with our service, you can give us two months’ notice at any time.

We are thus “always on two months’ probation”!

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