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Injury on Duty (IOD) and Occupational Disease Claims Management Specialists

Specialists in helping employers, employees and doctors meet their Workers’ Compensation obligations If your company is battling to become compliant with the Compensation Commissioner, reduce your COID risk, trying to recover monies due to you and looking to speed up the claims process, you should seriously consider the services of COID Support... Find out more >>

MICROmega Group Companies:


We review your COID account with the Compensation Commissioner to help you avoid excessive annual premiums and recover any monies historically due to your company.

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A challenge many doctors face are getting bills paid on time so that they can actually run their practices.Are you one of them? And, if you're dealing with Injured on Duty (IOD) cases on a regular basis, you know what a stress it is on you and your cash-flow.

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We shoulder the complicated claims procedure when an employee is injured on duty, freeing up your resources to focus on your core business.

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